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Thank you for choosing Heritage Replica Chimneys for your chimney replacement solution.
The key questions that are most commonly asked in relation to the replacement of your chimney are:

·         I need a price for my chimney?

Before we can quote your chimney, we need the following details from you; working drawings (Architect/engineer), Photographs, site location, chimney location on your house and intended use for chimney (aesthetic or functional).  

·         Can my fire still be used with Heritage Replica chimney? 

Yes, we have a system that allows you to continue the use of your; Log fire, Pellet fire, gas fire or open fire.

           Is a building consent required?

Yes, all Heritage Replica Chimneys’ need a building consent.

           Do we need an Engineer?

Yes, all Heritage Replica Chimneys need to be engineered to the chimneys own specific design.

           Do we need to organise the Engineer and Building consent?

This process is undertaken by the main contractor or project manager.

·         Do you have plans for chimney construction?

Yes, we have generic plans showing constructional details of Heritage Replica Chimneys “core and sleeve system”. These are available to your architect, engineer or project manager. These details should be sourced prior to any working drawings being produced. We are happy to supply these drawings.

·         Can you achieve the same detailing that existed on my old chimney? 

We attempt to duplicate the same style and detailing of your existing chimney, as close as possible to the information given, e.g. photos. Limitations in our system may also dictate slight variations in detailing.

·         Can you use original bricks and chimney pots?

Yes, as long as they are suitable for our process, i.e. type of brick or pot, quality and condition of brick or pot. We can source bricks that would complement any style of chimney. Chimney pots are a little harder to source, but can be purchased to a similar style.

·         How long until my chimney is replaced?

This is dependent on the time it takes to get issued with a building consent and engineers report. Once these are sanctioned, we can give you an accurate quote and timeline.

·         What’s your scope of work?

If there is a builder involved he needs to contact us regarding his scope of work. His input will influence the quoted price. If there is no specified builder, we can arrange the construction and installation of the chimney, from consented and engineered plans.

·         Will my chimneys be built by a licensed building practitioner?

Yes, Heritage Replica chimney’s staff are LBPs.